Commonwealth2012 is a comprehensive strategy for dealing with future events in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The year 2012 is a hypothetical spot on a theoretical timeline that marks the date of a possible catastrophy associated with a future geoseismic event predicated as an Act of God (or the natural environment if you prefer). This event is widely accepted as a reality related to the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

The question is how seriously the threat is taken by public servants and citizenry, especially in the Western Portions of Kentucky. Physical aspects of community planning that do not take into account the possibility of natural disaster are simply not in line with logic, reason and common sense. How we address these possibilities now before such events occur may require an answer for future generations after the fact. Scoffers beware!












From Wikipedia:Act of God: ...failure by way of ignoring obvious risks due to "natural phenomena" will not be sufficient to excuse performance of the obligation, even if the events are relatively rare, e.g., Y2K problems in computers. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, §2-615, failure to deliver goods sold may be excused by an "act of God" if the absence of such act was a "basic assumption" of the contract, but has made the delivery commercially "impracticable."

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